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  1. Very cute marshmallows! I always enjoyed chicken noodle soup when I was sick…and sprite! Now if my throat is sore I go for spiced tea…and Advil. 🙂

  2. My mom always served us chicken broth when we were sick. I would have much preferred hot chocolate. In fact, I would much prefer hot chocolate to just about any beverage. Especially with these gorgeous marshmallows!

  3. We’re about the same age, my 20th reunion is next year and I also got the cinnamon toast and Sprite when I was sick. It must have been a 70s thing.

    I’ve never made marshmallows, but these look so good. Maybe I will give them a try!

  4. Oh my. Hot chocolate flavored marshmallows? And in the shape of leaves, at that? Swoon! One day, when I get up the courage to try making marshmallows, I’ll keep this idea in mind.

    I have started a new food blogging group that celebrates the printed cookbook. I’d love it if you joined us. It should be lots of fun.

  5. I’m actually not a huge marshmallow fan, but those are so pretty! They would be nice to serve if you had a few friends over for dessert/hot chocolate.

  6. mmmm these look really good and the winds are starting to pick up and its getting colder which means hot chocolate season is here so ill deffinately have to try these

  7. wait are you telling me you don’t like lucky charms?? actually, while i love those neon little marshmallows in cereal, i HATE them in hot chocolate. big, puffy and gooey is so much better. and the leaves look great!

  8. I love hot chocolate but it usually gives me a stomach ache. Maybe I can make some of these marshmallows and just eat them to get my hot chocolate fix!

  9. Looking at your pic on your “About Me” I would not guess you are in the age group where it’s been 20 years since high school. Wait, that means you’re close to 40. No way! I want to see some ID! (Kidding)

    I’m turning 30 on Nov. 2 and even I’m asking what the heck happened. Such is life.

    Great recipe with the marshmallows. Looks yummy and comforting. And really, who could argue with chocolate?


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